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10 Mile Hike – durability, check

Reposted from El Cannatorcedor Blog / May 2016


10 miles.  Steep jagged path.  Mostly worn footpath on roots and rocks.  I brought a cannagar with me in a glass tube.  It was jostled and banged around hard in my cargo pocket for 10 miles on the trail to Mink Lake near the Sol Duc Hot Spring.    I am proud to report that it arrived in perfect shape, smoked well, continued to provide random enjoyment for the next 4 days and is still about 2.5 inches long.   Temperature range : 38 degrees to 60.   Durability : check.   

(creases in cigar in the image below were present before the hike.   It was creased in my first cigar mold without guide rails.)

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