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Hemp Plastic – Whats Going On?

Hemp Plastic (HPLA) has been unable to be stocked for over 3 months now. What is up? The manufacturer of the plastic I use – 3D Fuel – their sources are unable to process the raw material into a useable form for 3D printable plastics, and are overloaded in processing other plastics. It’s looking like HPLA is on hold for quite a while. I hope that this issue is resolved soon, but until it is, I will be removing all HPLA product options. The black PLA I am currently using – there is no difference in performance. It is less expensive, and works just as well. It was just nice to have a plastic option that uses our favorite plant! But until I can get a regular supply, its just not an option. Thank you for understanding.

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The End of 10 Mold Stacks

After much consideration I have decided that the 10 mold stack is being discontinued as of this week. I have good reasons for this.

1) The larger stack units take lots of time to produce, and if they fail in production or do not pass inspection, that time is lost. This increases fulfillment times all around for every other product I make.

2) Two Half Stacks can be produced on two separate machines, in half the time. Two Half Stacks will produce the same amount of cannagars as one Full Stack.   (Half Stacks have up to 5 molds, Full Stacks had up to 10 molds). I will adjust pricing so that the cost of ordering two half stacks will be the exact same as ordering a full stack used to be. This way, you can hit the same production targets for the same low price, and I can ship orders faster.

3) I will be re-naming the Half Stack. Because there are no longer two different options, it makes sense drop the name “Half Stacks”, and just call them “Stacks”.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out through the customer support portal. Any existing orders for old full stack designs will be honored, but NO NEW orders for full stacks will be created going forward.

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Instagram Account Disabled – New Account Created

Over this last weekend, Instagram decided to disable our account for “violation of terms”, and will not re-enable it. Not sure what terms we were violating, as Cannagar Tools is a plastic tools company and does not promote the sale of cannabis directly. Perhaps they classify us as paraphernalia? No idea. However, as a result of the work and time it took to create and promote our original account, our new account will not be as active or as promoted as the last one. It’s simply too much time to devote to a platform that can cut a business off without cause or notification.

Cannagar Tools will still maintain a presence on instagram, because its practically expected in todays world. The new account is Cannagar_Tools – and if you have an instagram account – please follow!

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Back from vacation!

Hello everyone! It’s Chris the store owner letting you know I am back from my camping trip and orders will begin shipping again today. If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out through the customer support chat pod on the website!