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A year in storage

So how did that first long term cannagar from a year ago hold up in the humidor?

Not so well, not so well.    I have learned much in the last year!    Unfortunately, it tasted like it lost a lot of terps.    I couldn’t really tell what strain it was, very bland.   Wood absorbs terpenes.

There are several things to consider in the long term storage of cannagars.   This knowledge may mean that certain gars are produced in a particular ways will survive longer during storage.   However, even then, it is very likely that these will have an expiration date, and not be as long lived as their tobacco counterparts.   This industry may not see a vintage cannagar absent techniques I have yet to find.   

The reason?

This is a gooey resinous plant with lipids, waxes, sticky oils, terpenes (which are hydrocarbons = solvents), and other compounds present in flowers which are not present in the cured leaves of a tobacco plant.   

A tobacco cigar is a finely dried and well preserved bundle of simple leaves, no complex resins or sticky external glands, no wet infusion of concentrate oils into dry flowers.   Thus, in an optimum environment, decomposition can be arrested more or less completely.    

Time will tell if we can accomplish this for cannabis, and it may require altered methods of preservation.   The resinous substances in the buds, trichomes, and concentrates undergo a different process during maturation.   Bud, by itself, can remain fresh for a year and sometimes longer before naturally becoming stale.   Lower temperatures can slow this degradation.   This is true for cannabis cigars as well.     I store my cigars in an air-flow temperature controlled humidor at 55-59F, at 50-55% humidity.   I suspect they would last up to a year at this type of storage, but I will know in 8 months if I am correct.     It is the first cigar made with every bit of accumulated technique so far, stored for 1 year in my humidor, under the proper conditions.   

Lower temps and humidity control can preserve the flower for some time, but I feel there may always be an expiration date for infused flower products.   

They need to be stored in a cool, dry place, so they remain fresh for *as long as possible*.   Just a prediction.     There is very little space to ad text to my packaging, but I really really want each cigar to say that.  

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