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Acid / Infused

Reposted from El Cannatorcedor Blog / Feb 2016

A friend dropped a recommendation – Acid Cigars.   I must say, I am intrigued.   

I know – true tobacco purists scoff at flavors.   I am a Canna purist, I can relate.   These guys seem to have a different way.   One thing is clear from smoking the first one – it does not taste like a cheap chemical application.  Distinct odors to each of their cigars, some smell quite nice – some kind of like that headshop incense that I wouldn’t want to taste.    The cigar makers at Drew Estate are insistent that they do not use “flavorings” but “infusions” with different methods.  

The company was founded in the 90’s by cigar lovers who wanted to revive cigars.  I cannot quite describe the flavor because it’s not overbearing and it’s not anything like flavored tobaccos or vape juices.    Kuba Kuba Sumatra was good.  Burn : Perfect all the way.  Smoothest cigar I’ve had yet.   Good enough to make me want to try it again some time in the future.   

While I cannot imagine infusing cannabis cigars, perhaps there are ways to bring out the natural flavor notes in the terpenes using wisdom gleaned from the Acid crew.   Looking into it……

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