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Busy Beaver

Few updates this month – I am “dug in like a tick” creating new things…..    

After several months of development and revision, the Maplewood X10M cigar molds are not going to make the mark for ongoing production.    The carpenter helping us cannot devote enough time to cigar molds, and it really does take time and attention to produce a perfect tool from raw wood, no machine precision can guarantee 100% accuracy.   We have received two orders, both of those shall be fulfilled, but after that – it is goodbye to the classic wooden molds.  

Cannabis cigars require two molds, and the gauges must be exact.   Any variation can render them unusable, or less than desirable.   

Plastic on the other hand has become the new industry standard.    I had no intention of doing this at first, but it became clear that I want something that is hard to deliver, and if I want something done right…… well.     No one else in the cigar world really knows about, cares about, nor can they support the use of their cigar making products with cannabis.   That’s not their problem.   It’s mine.   

I am thrilled to announce that I did the only reasonable thing – bring manufacturing in house.  🙂  

Three birds, one stone : spontaneous ideation manifestation, quality control, and custom options.

I’ve found a source of eco-friendly bio-plastics made from Hemp!   And the plastic smells soooooo good when they are being heated and created (not what you are thinking, not like cannabis, but more like brown sugar)    

I am currently in the process of designing, revising, and remodeling my cigar tools.   I anticipate having them ready for a soft-launch in August, and ramping up stock quantities through the end of the year.     Cheers everyone.   Onward Cannatorcedores.

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