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Bye Bye Facebook

If anyone is wondering where the Facebook Cannagar Tools page went, I made the decision to deactivate/delete my facebook account and along with it the Cannagar Tools facebook page.

FB disabled my advertising account a long time ago and with repeated 30 day FB jail stints impacting my ability to interact on posts, I’m finally just tired of logging in at all.

Thanks to FB’s ongoing war on it’s own users, the Cannagar Tools website has not relied on FB as a significant source of customers in over two years.

The amount of traffic this website receives from FB is minimal, and the second Facebook group I started is going strong with other admins and owners, Ill be happy with that. Bye Bye Facebook.

Note : I do have an Instagram account, and haven’t had nearly as much trouble there. Odd, since they own that too. I will be building an Instagram account again to see how it goes. You can follow me on Instagram here:

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