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Bye Bye Facebook

If anyone is wondering where the Facebook Cannagar Tools page went, I made the decision to deactivate/delete my facebook account and along with it the Cannagar Tools facebook page.

FB disabled my advertising account a long time ago and with repeated 30 day FB jail stints impacting my ability to interact on posts, I’m finally just tired of logging in at all.

Thanks to FB’s ongoing war on it’s own users, the Cannagar Tools website has not relied on FB as a significant source of customers in over two years.

The amount of traffic this website receives from FB is minimal, and the second Facebook group I started is going strong with other admins and owners, Ill be happy with that. Bye Bye Facebook.

Note : I do have an Instagram account, and haven’t had nearly as much trouble there. Odd, since they own that too. I will be building an Instagram account again to see how it goes. You can follow me on Instagram here:

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Rewards Program Ends June 30

Be sure to use your rewards points before the rewards program ends at the end of the month!

IF you have not crossed the point threshold where you receive an email with coupons, reach out to and ill be happy to convert your existing points into a coupon for you.

Replacing the rewards program will be more regular sales and promotions of different kinds as well as email-list only exclusives.

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Different Varieties of Black Plastic

This last year I have had to seek other backup plastics – because both my primary and my backup sources of plastic were out of stock at the same time. This was a first.

I spent a few months testing more plastics and found two more viable back up supplies. I now have four different brands that I use to make my pro series tools. 3D Fuel, Overture, Duramic, and Novamaker. 3D fuel and Overture have a more matte finish, while Duramic and Novamaker are more glossy in appearance.

This means that you might receive tools that differ slightly in color, texture, and overall look and feel. This does not effect the performance of the mold. There is no variance to quality or usability.

Hopefully supply chains go back to normal, and then my tools will have a consistent appearance like did for the first 4 years of business. But as of now, there is nothing I can do about this. Color and surface finish of the tools will vary slightly.

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Updated Slim BudDrivers (20-30 Gauge)

The slim BudDrivers are now made with aluminum shafts!

This last winter we experienced a shortage of our glass-filled extra sturdy plastic. This is the only plastic that can be used for 20 gauge BudDrivers.

We had to seek a back up fast, but no other plastic held up nearly as well.

We resorted to ordering a small batch of aluminum tubes, and after finding a source with a decent turnaround Cannagar Tools is now proud to offer the slim BudDrivers with an Aluminum shaft!

Available in two sizes :

20-24 Gauge (Shipping Now)

26-30 Gauge (Coming soon)

These will be included for every 20 Gauge Stackable Mold purchase, and are also available separately in the Craft Supplies section.

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Everything in the clearance section must go!
Use Coupon Code “SPRING” to save 50% on items in the Clearance section.

That’s right, items that are already marked down, and being cleared off the shelves for even less!

Cannagar Tools has a goal of selling all clearance items before summertime.

The shop has accumulated lots of B stock, order overages, exchange items, and custom shop mock ups – and I intend to sell every bit of it.

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Fighting Inflation

You might have noticed, Cannagar Tools prices have remained the same even though almost all prices everywhere are shooting up! I have been creative this year in finding ways to reduce peripheral costs, and keep the price of the tools the same.

3D printing plastic supply costs are 1.5x-2x higher.
Cost of all packing/shipping materials is 2x higher
Cost of all accessories has risen sharply as well.

1) Instead of buying fancy white boxes for shipping, I have started re-using 3D printing filament boxes.
2) I removed the printed user manuals and provide a link to the documentation online.
3) Instead of buying branded accessories, I have opted to bulk order non branded items.
4) Later this year, all sales will be moving to online platforms Ebay and Etsy, reducing the costs of having to maintain a website and my own merchant account.

Prices continue to rise. If inflation continues, I will have no choice but to raise prices, as I have done everything I can to avoid it. Holding the line, until the next major plastic cost increase. Heads up.

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Shipping Policy Update

Starting this month, the courier for our outgoing packages will be selected according to the best option for your location.

Up until now, the US post office was handling 100% of our packages. Going forward, shipping will take place via USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, OR DHL, depending on your location.

The option will not be available in the shopping cart for you to select, courier will be automatically selected based on location, and best pricing. Most domestic shipments in the USA will still go through USPS.

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Rewards Ending in 2022

Use Your Rewards Before the Program Ends!

Starting in June in 2022, Cannagar Tools will be switching to Ebay and Etsy for sales.

This website will remain online, but will no longer accept orders for tools directly and will exist to showcase products, offer documentation, and sell digital items like 3D printable tools.

This also means the rewards program will be ending, and all points accumulated will be lost if not used by June 1st 2022. There is no rewards capability inside of eBay or Etsy, but Cannagar Tools will offer bulk discounts and seasonal promotions, as always.

The cost of nearly every supply has risen in the past year. Shipping supplies, accessories, plastic, everything.

Maintaining this website would soon require a webmaster or hiring an assistant, which – on top of higher supply costs – would require raising prices significantly.

Rather than do this, it has been decided that using already existing sales platforms will take away all of the development / troubleshooting that arises in maintaining an ecommerce website.

This will allow Cannagar Tools to move forward with minimal impact to price and performance.

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Pre Roll Loaders in 3D Printable Format!

After receiving numerous requests, the Pre Roll Loaders are now available in 3D printable format!

Print your own Pre Roll Loaders, and scale them to alternate sizes if desired! *

Recommended to use TPU or Flexible PLA printing plastics – these models create heavy items – when created with normal rigid plastics – can crack if dropped due to their own weight. You will be glad you printed them in a soft plastic if that is compatible with your 3D printer.

All Cannagar Tools Pre Roll Loaders are printed using Paramount 3D’s Flexible PLA. Very easy to use, less difficulty than TPU.

Please be advised : some of these models require fairly large print volume, and also require an attention to detail on the printing settings which are different and unique to each printer. **

*Scaling 3d models requires your own 3D printing software that can read and manipulate STL files.

**3D printing requires the use of a software slicer to prepare your models for printing on your unique printer.

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Order Now to Avoid Delays!

We are already feeling it. The postal service is LAGGING. And holidays are coming up, orders are starting to come in faster, the rush is beginning. This time around shipping is likely going to be delayed – so getting your orders in as soon as possible cant be recommended enough!

Unexpected delays in all destinations, airlines are cancelling flights – but this also means air cargo is moving much slower, as well as ground cargo.

This means the sooner you place your order, the more likely you get it in time to have retail product on the shelf in time for the holidays.