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Order Now to Avoid Delays!

We are already feeling it. The postal service is LAGGING. And holidays are coming up, orders are starting to come in faster, the rush is beginning. This time around shipping is likely going to be delayed – so getting your orders in as soon as possible cant be recommended enough!

Unexpected delays in all destinations, airlines are cancelling flights – but this also means air cargo is moving much slower, as well as ground cargo.

This means the sooner you place your order, the more likely you get it in time to have retail product on the shelf in time for the holidays.

Use coupon “LETSGOBRANDON” for a 10% discount.

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Raw Leaf Available!

Cannagar Tools has partnered with a local Washington State hemp farm that uses zero pesticides. Fresh raw leaves are now available to ship! 1 Once, 1 lb, or 5lb bags.

Leaves are harvested once a week, all orders received will be shipped on the same day after the leaves are harvested. Available seasonally, in limited quantities, for a limited time. Get em while we have em!

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Leaf Curing Processes Update

A lot has changed since 2016. I’ve taught a few methods to cure leaves over the past few years, and seen people trying many things. Everything from ethanol wash to freezing them.

The curing method I am rolling forward with is now solidified. It will be the only thing I teach going forward.

Method : introduce heat, 140 degrees to 165, for 7-10 days. The longer, the browner the results. This denatures the proteins in the leaf, the chlorophyll taste is defeated in relatively short time, and its ready for long term storage and use within 2-4 weeks.

I am using vacuum sealed bags, and at home I prefer to use a sous vide cooker and let it run for 10 days with the vacuum pouch of leaves submerged. In production, if you have the power and space, ovens work just fine. Spaced rack ovens with racks of vacuum sealed leaf bags.

After 10 days, the color turns spinachy olive green, there is a funky smell to it, and its ready to remove, and place into permanent storage. Right now, this is going to be stacked cardboard. Perfect breathability, weight heavy enough to flatten, almost perfect for the job. Humidified rooms would be ideal as well.

I will be making a video series describing the process soon. Im documenting it.

I intend to process a giant batch of leaves once a year in the fall, and make them available on the website. I have a terrific organic outdoor grow that is pesticide free that is supplying the leaves for me. They use tree frogs, lady bugs, many things, but they don’t use sprays. Which is rare, and utterly perfect for my wrapper leaf needs.

This year, only cured leaves will be available. Next year, if I can arrange it, I will provide bulk raw leaf (for YOU to cure), as well as pre cured leaf.

I wanted to undercut everyone currently offering pre cured leaf, but the reality has sunk in. Curing leaves is WAY more work than curing buds. Not even comparable. Much more labor, and electricity. And, a perfect pristine large fan blade is more rare that you might think. So, there is no way around charging a premium price for these pre-cured leaves. The process requires washing the leaves, drying them, putting them into vacuum bags, heating them for a week or more, taking them out, peeling them apart, placing them into cardboard stacks, and waiting for a few weeks. Lots of labor and love.

As a result, I would like to offer both bulk raw pesticide free leaf, at much lower rates, as well as premium pre-cured leaves.

After harvesting about 1000 lbs of raw leaf, I expect to get about 30-50 lbs of cured dry leaves.

This will be a once-a-year stock event. Once I sell out, it’s gone until next harvest. Pricing will be posted when the leaves are ready to ship.

Fun times on the horizon.

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Rewards Program Update

Earlier this week I updated the website appearance and I had a few people reach out saying their rewards points disappeared. Your rewards are still available! The little widget that displayed your rewards balance in your account details was missing. I have since fixed the problem. You can now see your rewards balance again when you login to your Cannagar Tools Customer Account.

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Cannagar Makers Group 2.0

Facebook deactivated and deleted the original group without warning. A second group has been created.

It is suspected that solicitors and spammers violating community terms are the cause of the deletion. Uncertain. Going forward post approval is permanent. For the most part, spam was reported and stopped. Cannagar Tools tried to host an open group without much control of content, but it didn’t work.

Cannagar Makers Group 2.0 guarantees that no bad actors or spammers will be able to post. Instead of cleaning up after the fact, bad posts simply wont make it to the wall.

Please join us!

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Hello again, Etsy!

A couple of months ago I wrote about Etsy’s new advertising policy causing me stop sales from Etsy.

I am happy to say, after two months of going back and forth with Etsy support, they have agreed to disable my account from advertising on their new system, so I can go back to controlling my ad budget and make sales without Etsy grabbing unsustainably large chunks. Cannagar Tools is now back on Etsy.

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Goodbye Express Mail

After several negative experiences this year, I have decided to pull Priority Mail Express from the list of shipping options. Unfortunately, the USPS is overloaded to the max, and delivery times are just estimates now. Most packages arrive within time, but some don’t.

There is literally no reason to purchase Express shipping. Why?

1) Express = 1-2 business days. Priority standard = 1-3 business days. Express is NOT always arriving on time, just like everything else. It’s a hit or miss. You’re paying a lot of extra money for a maybe.

2) Express shipping only means shipping. It does not affect lead time on production. Most orders who select express, email me in a few days asking where their order is. Unless its a personal mold, it goes into a production queue, and will be shipped when it’s ready to ship. (Most orders being ready within 5-10 business days, larger orders taking longer)

If you still want Express, for whatever reason, I can do that via invoice, but please be aware of all of the above information, and know that – I am not going to refund that giant shipping payment just because the post office didn’t make it in time. Caveat Emptor. I cover my customers in many ways :lost packages, stolen packages, exchanges sometimes way past 30 days, etc. But, express shipping refunds because the post office didn’t make it = absolutely never.