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When I first went out seeking a cannagar contract, I was making a very different product.    It had a layer of hash around the body.   It was made with Rosin.   Both the Rosin and the Hash were made using the flower and kief of the same flower used to make the body.    Flavor consistency was easier this way.    

What happened?

My producer/processor here in Washington wanted cannagars but was not able to afford using hash and kief.    Rosin was also not able to be scaled in a way where the yield was satisfactory for the output targets we wanted to hit.    I know what he needs, no capital to buy.   When you are making 5-10 cigars at a time at home, you don’t have the same concentrate needs as a commercial production wanting to make hundreds per month.   

I was told we wouldn’t be using hash or kief, and we wouldn’t use Rosin, we would be using clear concentrate.    

This was my challenge : somehow I have to make these cigars taste as good or better than a hash covered rosin lathered cigar.   

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