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I have been trying to avoid delays in fulfillment, but unfortunately it is just not possible. Covid is effecting Cannagar Tools as well. I’m fine personally, no one that I know has the dreaded plague, but there are delays in my supply chain, and it seems the postman is only picking up 3-4 times a week instead of making a daily stop. Sometimes the custom plastics in colors take longer to get here than they normally do, and my main supplier is now out of Hemp plastic and does not anticipate replenishment for 2 weeks. (from today)

420 events are all cancelled, and my usual ability to crank supply has shrunk a bit due to several of my machines being down, needing parts, and those parts being delayed in shipping.

I have also started volunteering some of my time and machine volume to make masks and ventilator parts to help the situation as best I can for those in need.

Note : Most home tools orders and kits will ship quickly, the Pre Roll loaders are also somewhat unaffected.

Cannagar Tools will make it through this, no worries on that one. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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