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Cured Fan Leaves!

Discount cured fan leaves from this years development in mass scaling are now available in the Craft Supplies section!

They ship in resealable plastic bags, in used cigar boxes, with a boveda to keep them moist and prevent damage in shipping.

Limited quantities available. Please be aware : these are not perfect. Lots of learning happened this year, and I am selling this years batch at a discount because there are imperfections in consistency. Still smoke very well!

Once you receive them, you will need to monitor the boveda and make sure they stay hydrated. They become very brittle if allowed to completely dry out, and can only be used for wrapping when well hydrated!

Cigar boxes have no size consistency – we have grouped this product into Small and Large boxes, but this is only a rough estimate. Small boxes will contain about 100 fan blades. Large boxes will contain 200+ . Some leaves will contain imperfections, and not all leaves will be consistent.

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