REWARDS PROGRAM IS ENDING in JUNE 2022! Cannagar Tools is migrating all sales to managed platforms and this website will remain for informational/customer support purposes. Unfortunately eBay and Etsy do not offer rewards, but they do allow the ability to create sales, coupons, bulk pricing, and other things.

Please use your existing rewards before June 2022! If you have not crossed the threshold for your rewards to be converted to a coupon and mailed to you, contact – and ask for your existing rewards to be converted to a coupon. This can be done manually, and will ensure you will be able to use all accrued points you have gained.

Create a Cannagar Tools Customer Account!

Earn points for every dollar you spend with Cannagar Tools!

Earn 10 points for every dollar you spend in the store. **

Earn points for sharing links on social media.

Earn points for customer referrals and earn lots of points when those customers you referred make their first purchases.

You will receive an email after you accumulate a certain amount of points giving you the option to redeem those points in the form of coupons!

* Points earned for signing up are applied after your first purchase. You will see an additional 100 points on top of your points for your purchase.

** New points earned when making purchases will be available in your customer account once your order has shipped.  .