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Discontinuing Magnetic Rods / Rolling Platform

Unfortunately, magnetic rods and magnetic rolling platforms are being discontinued.   The reason?   My source for the rods has never been able to deliver on their promise of increasing their supply and just confirmed they will no longer be able to.  Sad trumpets.

Other suppliers want much larger minimum orders, which do not work for my business volume.    Most other makers of metal rods do not make a magnetically attractive rod either.

There are still other rods out there for low minimums and decent prices (RC Car Axle Rods, or Lathe Bars, you can find them on Amazon, or Ebay), but the magnetic rods are being phased out.   There are only a few left in the shop, I have updated the stock – once they are gone, they are gone.

To clarify : Rolling Platforms will still be produced.   They will simply lack the magnets.

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