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End of a year, sad but happy

It’s been a year since I contracted with EH farms to help them launch a cigar product line.    It’s been a fast year and a great learning experience.   I’ve had the opportunity to work on a fulls scale commercial cannabis farm and be involved with every aspect of it – not just my product.    

I have trained their team to make my solid-core blunts and we made enough blunts to last through the holidays.   It’s time for me to shove off and move onto other things.   EH will be focusing on wraps/blunts and budget discount cannabis instead of premium products.  So, for all those who loved Bad Ass Cigars – they are now limited quantity wherever you can find them.   Once sold, these Clear Oil based premium cigars will be gone.   

For EH, it’s a matter of cost vs profitability in the Washington market.   They are a tier 2, very limited budget and penetration.  I’ve spoken with the owner several times to obtain permission to take over marketing of the cigars, but it hasn’t been granted.  Without being able to assist with marketing or driving product demand, its hard to continue.  The price point they are asking for the blunts is not sufficient to grow my company, as was the original plan.   Time to move on.

Happy New Years Cannatorcedores!    

Onward, Upward.  

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