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Fighting Inflation

You might have noticed, Cannagar Tools prices have remained the same even though almost all prices everywhere are shooting up! I have been creative this year in finding ways to reduce peripheral costs, and keep the price of the tools the same.

3D printing plastic supply costs are 1.5x-2x higher.
Cost of all packing/shipping materials is 2x higher
Cost of all accessories has risen sharply as well.

1) Instead of buying fancy white boxes for shipping, I have started re-using 3D printing filament boxes.
2) I removed the printed user manuals and provide a link to the documentation online.
3) Instead of buying branded accessories, I have opted to bulk order non branded items.
4) Later this year, all sales will be moving to online platforms Ebay and Etsy, reducing the costs of having to maintain a website and my own merchant account.

Prices continue to rise. If inflation continues, I will have no choice but to raise prices, as I have done everything I can to avoid it. Holding the line, until the next major plastic cost increase. Heads up.

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