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Flavor Profiles Under Development

So, does anyone remember those flavor profiles I was talking about on the Cannabisseurs website and Facebook page?    

It is finally taking shape.    For almost two years my idea existed mostly as a concept, knowing that my brand was destined for less strain focus and more flavor/potency analysis.   I wanted strain specific products, and a knowledge that would assist in food/drink pairing for a truly Elite cannabis experience, but at that time I was not yet aware of extract terpenes and how powerful these could be as tools.

This last month I have found a source of terpenes, organically extracted and isolated.    I have ordered all the primary terpenes, and am in the process of mixing them in paint brush fashion to re-create the flavors I desire and get a better understanding of how my favorite cannabis strains get their characteristics, and to better understand flavor interactions and pairing potentials with spices and foods.    Good times ahead.   Delicious times.

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