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From gar maker to tool maker

It’s been over a year since I really wrote an entry to this blog    Back when it was called “El Cannatorcedor”, I had my hands on several cannagar product lines, lots of opportunity for great photos and sharing my learning.     Back then, I wasn’t really developing on the tools as much as developing cannagar products and adapting my tools for those.

This year, most of my consulting has been remote – through Skype and Chat/Phone, and most of my work has focused on going beyond my processes, and helping others with theirs.

Photos of my print lab aren’t really as engaging as photos of amazing grow rooms and teams of rollers, cannagar products in development, etc.     Fortunately, I have had many great customers who aren’t shy about posting photos of their production with my tools, and that has filled the gap a bit.    ***** (see below)

I have designed white label product lines for 2 major customers, and am working on a new tool that will go live later this year though my website, even though it will be targeted at specific third party product compatibility.

As time has progressed, I have become focused on 3D design, making new products, improving on my designs and skills.  I have opened a 3D print website for services beyond Cannagar Tools, making Cascadia 3D officially open to more than one product line.

The print lab has been upgraded.   12 machines total.    4 for 1X1s and accessories, 3 for larger items, 4 for the Pro Series, and 1 exclusively for BudDrivers.   This means my output is now capable of 3x what it was during 2018.      There will be another expansion in 2020, possibly sooner if Cascadia 3D projects boot up.

I’ve been working with many cannagar makers remotely to help them dial in tools for their own processes.     Instead of being the man making cannagars and developing processes, I have become the support contact, providing tools and offering basic lessons for those who want to get started.

Overall, my own home cannagar making process has been reduced to utter simplicity too.   Check it, I will reiterate again here, even though I have made other posts about it.

I don’t have a home grow anymore, so I use cured herbs from local shops for my personal gars.  No Thai-method experimenting, all cured flower, no exceptions.   The hard part used to be playing with leaves to re-invent the wheel.   <insert 20 million steps and experiments that made a fine blog back in 2016-2018>.    The most simple method, doesn’t really take a novel to describe, but I will go into it with more detail later.  Summary :  I stuff leaves into books, leave them there for 6 months +, then take them out, rehydrate them with various methods, then wrap my Cannagar cores, place them into finishing mold to help mold the leaves, and about 3-4 days to a week later, I’m ready for the party.    Smoother flavor, no need for all the crazy effort I was putting in to reduce chlorophyll with elaborate extractions, curing tricks, fermenting, etc.   Time and organic processes do that for me in much more “hands off” kind of way, all it takes is patience and attention to environment.   More on that in a future post.

***** Thank you to everyone who shares the tools and links!    I am very conscious of the fact that there are customers out there talking the tools up,  and for a long time I’ve felt like I want to give something back that was more reliable that offering a discount if you message me.  Up until recently – unless I personally saw a post, or you told me, I would easily overlook any customer possibly helping me bring in sales.    Some of you really do share my links and products like crazy, and I can’t thank you enough!   Now, there are sharable links available in every customers account that automatically apply reward points which convert into coupons and other perks.    Enjoy!        

The old discount is still available too.   If you share a link or make a post, and show me, you get 5% off any order.    Only thing about this – you have to message me, and I have to provide a coupon code for you to use manually.   Totally fine with me if you still want to roll that way!    

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