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Goldy lochs

I ended up with three remaining test cigars from the mold.   One is much too tight, one is a bit too loose, and one feels just right.    One of them 9 grams, the other 11, the other 15.   It’s not even worth wrapping the other two, so I am wrapping only the one that feels like it would smoke well.  

Conundrum – I loaded these molds with moist bud – and it is very hard to predict what the dry weight will be.   Hmm.   That may be an issue.   Also, when using whole bud pressed, gaps seem to remain, as was a problem when attempting Thai-stick method cigars.   I am now testing a cured and ground flower mold to see if that can be workable.  Perhaps, just perhaps, if I can get my oil heated to be more liquid, and roll my mold in it, that will curb the potential for damage that could happen attempting to paint the oil on.   

For the mold below I simply brush-stroked the oil onto the surface with no problem.


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