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Goodbye Express Mail

After several negative experiences this year, I have decided to pull Priority Mail Express from the list of shipping options. Unfortunately, the USPS is overloaded to the max, and delivery times are just estimates now. Most packages arrive within time, but some don’t.

There is literally no reason to purchase Express shipping. Why?

1) Express = 1-2 business days. Priority standard = 1-3 business days. Express is NOT always arriving on time, just like everything else. It’s a hit or miss. You’re paying a lot of extra money for a maybe.

2) Express shipping only means shipping. It does not affect lead time on production. Most orders who select express, email me in a few days asking where their order is. Unless its a personal mold, it goes into a production queue, and will be shipped when it’s ready to ship. (Most orders being ready within 5-10 business days, larger orders taking longer)

If you still want Express, for whatever reason, I can do that via invoice, but please be aware of all of the above information, and know that – I am not going to refund that giant shipping payment just because the post office didn’t make it in time. Caveat Emptor. I cover my customers in many ways :lost packages, stolen packages, exchanges sometimes way past 30 days, etc. But, express shipping refunds because the post office didn’t make it = absolutely never.

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