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Guess Who is Back?

Reposted from El Cannatorcedor Blog / July 2017

Back by popular demand, Cannagar Tools!     

Our toolset has received consistent inquiries ever since we pulled the website last year.     So what happened?

I landed a commercial cigar contract that took all my time and attention and required 10x more tools than I had.   All my resources were devoted quite suddenly to my own company and two partners.   

We experienced too much volume, too fast, and I wasn’t able to keep up.   We had apprehensive partners afraid of the world knowing about cigar presses and wanting to keep the perfect looking cigar for themselves.

Well, the cat is out of the bag. Presses are being made by many adept craftsman and many of them seem to be about where I was 2 years ago. Seeing this and knowing that if its not me making these, it will be someone else, I do not hold back any longer. I have maintained relationships with those who have purchased our tools and I am rolling forward.

We are re-opening sales for our home tools and kits very soon. We will be reserving our industrial tools for contract/lease/license.

The cannabis market is, by and large, a market of enthusiastic makers of things. Many of us grew up making bongs, pipes, fashioning them from anything around, and many of us are little McGuyvers when it comes to solutions to our problems. Cannabis was and is – a beloved HOBBY for many. Rolling joints and blunts is a past time that is both relaxing, and satisfying. That cannot be discounted.

That being said, Cannabis Cigars – the real leaf wrapped oil infused awesomeness – they are difficult to make. They take time, patience, love, and ……lots of cannabis, access to leaves, and a proper knowledge of curing. Many will consume them, purchase them, some will even regularly stock them in their home humidor, but much like premium tobacco cigars – when there is a beautiful selection available for sale without effort, people tend towards less effort. They certainly aren’t as easy as rolling a joint, not by a long shot. They also take 2 weeks and methodical leaf preparation to make them taste good.

I have created a toolset; I do not fear being copied. My short term mission in cannabis cigars was to seed the industry. Passion + Innovation. New things on the horizon.

There is so much more to the cannabis cigar and it’s curing than the form factor itself. We are all learning. We are all experimenting. Fear not, passionate cannagar artisans and craftsman, the Arte lies beyond the form and we may only assist you.

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