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Helpful post for CBD producing friends

Do you have trouble with finding payment processors for your website?

Last year, Cannagar Tools lost it’s PayPal account. We enjoyed the best month we had ever had, then PayPal terminated our account and stated that we were in violation of their policy. Apparently spikes in business cause them to audit accounts and I’m guessing they didn’t like our cannabis-centered marketing.

When I was looking for another merchant account, I was surprised at how hard it was to find an account with normal rates that didn’t want to gouge a company the moment you mention hemp or cannabis at all on your website. I felt the pain that many others in our industry have surely felt.

Normally I do not make posts like this, but because I feel it can help someone, I will share this. I purchased a software recently for my website building adventures. I didn’t expect so much to be under the hood. It has everything I need. And the best part – the native payment solution supports CBD / Hemp payment processing with a promise that you will never have your account suspended for selling on their platform! I didn’t expect that.

Large shopping cart platforms are notoriously unsupportive toward hemp products. For example, upon discovery Shopify Payments will immediately drop vendors they find selling products containing CBD or hemp. You can still use Shopify, but you have to use a third party merchant account, and they will charge you their percentage on top anyway, even though you aren’t processing payments with them. These logistical nightmares make it more difficult for passionate hemp entrepreneurs to join the online retail marketplace and profit from being able to reach a larger market.

I’ll cut to the chase. I’m switching all my websites over to another service over the course of the next year.

This new service welcomes all CBD vendors into its growing platform.

“Your business will NEVER be interrupted or terminated for selling any legal product in the hemp community. Guaranteed ! We will also obtain for you SAME DAY approval and set-up for a merchant account to process low or high-volume edible or non-edible CBD. (no smokable flower or vape products at this time).”

Pretty cool right? It is my wish that sharing this helps someone.

However, the reason that I am switching my websites over is a little different. This platform is bigger than just a CBD friendly payment solution.

You can build and host multiple e-commerce websites under one dashboard (which would normally be several separate Shopify or WooCommerce accounts, each with its own monthly payment for hosting, plugins, etc).

You can build infinite sales funnel pages. (If you don’t know what that is, I guarantee you have seen them and they are very effective for making sales to cold traffic customers)

This service also has built in email marketing – it aims to replace services like MailChimp.

You can run webinar services, and your customers can book appointments on a calendar, replacing services like WebinarJam and Calendly.

The best part – they are in beta right now, which means the software is not completely finished. They are selling lifetime grandfathered full access for a single upfront payment while they are still in development. Once they are out of beta and they fully launch, their product will switch to a monthly payment based service. So I bought in.

I manage 4 different websites each built on a different platform. With this new platform, I can host multiple e-commerce websites, build infinite sales funnels, and I am ditching my monthly payments for many different services. The fact that I can build and host as many e-commerce sites as I want without any new monthly payments, and that alone is worth it for me.

This company is offering a platinum lifetime membership for what is nothing less than an attempt to bring every marketing tool a modern business needs, into one system. It is like Shopify, MailChimp, Webinar Jam, Vimeo, and Calendly all had a baby.

And because I have already spent a lot of time under the hood and have started rebuilding my websites and businesses on their platform, I can help you if you need a helping hand with starting up.

My consulting service here on Cannagar Tools is normally for cannagar only processes, but if anyone needs help setting up a website, payment processor, and integrating all their digital life using the this platform, I would be happy to assist with that as well.

Full disclosure : I do get a commission for any new sales of this platform made from using my links, because I am an affiliate. However, I only affiliate with products I am genuinely excited about and personally use.

My consulting business may expand into giving classes online, live chats, and more, since this solution supports literally all of that. I never expected my new website builder to be capable of all this. I just wanted websites without a monthly fee. What I got was so much more. So I am excited and I am sharing.

If you would like to learn more from me directly, message me through the customer support chat portal, or message me at, and use the subject “Groove”.

Here is my link for their software. If you sign up with my link, it will help me! Thank you in advance!

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