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In Tha House!

Reposted from El Cannatorcedor Blog / Jun 2016


In-House Production of Cigar Making Tools!      

I’ve been busy making things.   In the past 6 months Ive been working with a carpenter to design cigar molds and tailor them to a process I have been refining week by week.     On the first day I made them available, I received an order for a pair of Corona sized molds!   Shortly after, I received more inquiries.   I can already tell that I will need to be able to cut my time and cost without cutting quality.   That is always the challenge, right?   

While the maplewood molds are excellent, we haven’t been able to nail consistency.   Wood has a natural variation that is unavoidable.  Getting the guides right with the alignment of the channels has been too hard.    In the old world, a really good set of tobacco molds carved by hand could be as expensive as a finely tuned musical instrument.  This is because it really does take a precision and care and lots of work.   Today, most industrial molds are plastic.   As with many things, it’s a matter of cost and time, and for plastics – the added durability.   

I have purchased some start up manufacturing gear, and I am now designing my own molds, learning new 3-d software, improving on the designs made in the past 6 months.  Soon – I am going to release something very cool.    I have found sources of earth friendly hemp-based plastics, and carbon fiber made with biodegradable plant based plastic, and the cost will be far less, and it will be more sustainable for larger quantities and faster production, and the earth.    Accuracy will be very precise, and able to achieve consistency that is simply harder with wood.

I didn’t quite intend to be a producer of cigar tools when this whole thing started.  I only wanted to make cannabis cigars.   Yet, no one was making the tools I needed.  Not quite.      I want to make cannabis cigar rolling as easy and approachable as blunt rolling – both for myself, and others, and I now feel this is key to the proliferation of cannabis cigar culture.   My long range plan includes empowering others to run with it.   

When I wander into a premium cigar shop with an amazing selection from dozens if not hundreds of producers – that is what I desire to see for cannabis.

Yes, it would be cool to say “We were the first”, but I don’t need to own that.   (We might just market that statement though, since our trademark date will actually place us in a good standing to be among “the first”)   My vision of retailers with a giant walk in humidor selection of cannabis cigars from all over the place – that will take many of us, working together.   Many of us, making cigars and developing our own little niches, for the love of the Arte.  

Onward Canna-Torcedores.   

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