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It Begins…..

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Reposted from El Cannatorcedor Blog / Sept 2016

I met with a commercial producer/processor today.   He was excited about my cannagars and is very interested in making them for his brand.   

I was a bit nervous – I was carrying only two cannagars and a few examples of my tool set.     As I assumed, he wanted to see much more.     We spoke about raw material needs, costs, production time, as well as oil needs.   That is when my eyes lit up like butane torched doobies.   They are 100%-echoing my desires for flavor exactitude!     Not only that, they have the means and are way ahead of me!    I would be working with Clear oils (ultra refined) and specially extracted cannabis terpenes that we can dial in for even more perfect flavor than I have ever had before, as well as having more control over the entourage effect.   (The interaction of terpenes and cannabinoids in producing specific psychoactive qualities).   He introduced me to one of their extractors, and their master grower.    

They are going to let me process a few pounds soon to get an idea of time and scalability, and if all goes well, I may be producing cannagars  commercially very soon!!!    The owner looked me dead in the face and estimated a weekly quantity of /classified info/.       WOW.   I didn’t expect that.   Ask and you shall receive!      

Luckily, I have been producing Cannagar Tools for about 3 months, and I am ready for commercial production.   I am about 10-14 molds shy of what I need to hit the target, so I will be printing cannagar molds like a madman for the next week.

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