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King Rollers! Cigar Sized Rolling Machines!

The following products are not sold by Cannagar Tools.   Cannagar Tools is an affiliate.   By using the links on this blog to purchase these products, you are helping Cannagar Tools!

King Rollers are cigar-sized rolling machines!   They are the perfect compliment to your Cannagar Tools molds and accessories.  They will help speed up the wrapping process, and can help you take your commercial rolling game to the next level.   Just like Cannagar Tools, these tools are made right here in the USA by a small family run shop.   Hand made, excellent craftsmanship.

Two sizes are recommended for the cannagar processes. The Tumbleweed Joint Roller (for gauges 20-40), and the extra large Cigar Roller (for gauges 32-64).

These two units can handle up to 6″ length, and the larger one can handle full cigar sized rolls.

The following video shows one of these rolling machines in action.   You can load them with ground flower, OR you can load your solid flower cores and wrap those.   Best of both worlds!   Cannagar Tools will be happy to assist in the learning process for any tools purchased using the links below.   Just schedule a Consulting Session, and we can discuss how to use these awesome tools for your wrapping processes!

Tumbleweed Roller (20-40 Gauge)

King Roller Cigar Roller (32-64 Gauge)

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