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KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid

My new motto.   After a long time of trying to refine a quick method for leaf processes, I have determined that the oldest and easiest way, is the best way.  Pre-curing the leaves.

Ive been through washes, ferments, you name it, and at the end of the day – simple book storage wins.    Ever put a leaf into a book, come back years later and the leaf is still basically pristine?   Dry, but pristine?    Thats really it.

My new method keeps unbleached hemp journals, and I stuff them full of leaves, put those leaves into sterlite bins with bovedas, and then I burp regularly for a few weeks, then store indefinitely.   After 6 months, the arrested natural slow breakdown and processes create a wonderful smooth taste.   You just have to be patient, plan ahead, and start your production in advance so that you can have time to pre-cure the leaves prior to wrapping.

There are many reasons why this is the best method.

1) no moisture introduced to wrapped flower, no mold risk.
2) curing the final wrapped cannagar without need for constant burping
3) flavor is far better, natural breakdown wins compared to forced extraction of chlorophyll
4) many of the problems inherent with trying to dry/cure leaves on a flower core, just don’t exist when the leaves are pre-cured.

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