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Many Sessions

Reposted from El Cannatorcedor Blog / April 2016

The Cannagar is a bit different from a tobacco cigar, or even a joint.   Both the joint, and the tobacco cigar will go stale fairly quickly after the first session.  The second day and each after are less and less pleasurable.  Both of these are usually meant to be consumed in total during one or two sessions.  This is not the case for the solid-core cannagar.   

These can and should be smoked over the course of the normal amount of time it would take to consume the same weight of naked flower and oil, especially if consuming alone.   My newest cannagar is infused on its outer rim with clear concentrate, which preserves the flower well, and multiple sessions can be enjoyed without worry of drastic changes in flavor.  And because I use solvent-less low temp extracted oils, the flavor of the flower is maintained.   I didn’t want these to taste like the typical BHO-infused joint.     

Some of the wider gars I have planned will weigh up to an ounce, and this would not be consumed in one session by a single person.   These can be treated as they are; an OUNCE.

As with traditional stogies, lighting these is best accomplished with a torch lighter.   A typical bic will have the tendency to burn unevenly and take quite a while to light the entire head of larger gauges.   Some swear by the roast and toast method, I prefer the mini torch lighter.    I love my Ronson.   

Cannagars should be rotated while consuming to help create a smooth even burn.   

Basic etiquette.

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