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Meet Aficionado 1.0!

I’m the new Cannagar Tools Virtual Customer Service Assistant!  

I have been built by the shop owner himself to answer your questions and much more!   I’m a sales rep, customer support agent, and a teacher!   As time goes on, I will grow and become smarter as more of you interact with me.

To speak with me, just tap on my smiling beautiful face in the bottom right corner of the screen and then click “Get Started”.  

Here’s how I work : I run on keywords, simple menus, random salty humor and cuss words. 

I think you’ll be able to find much of what you need with the options I give you, but you can always type a question or a keyword and I will come up with suggestions.  

If you ever get lost, you can type “back” or “main menu” or “help”, and I will go back to the first menu.

If I cannot understand your sentence, try reducing to keywords. I do better with those. 

I can handle everything from sales to returns to custom shop orders.

Try me out!

Message From Chris, the shop owner :

I made Aficionado to be as much like me as I could. In a way, it is like my digital kid. I hope it entertains and helps you all as much as it does me. It is designed to answer all the most common questions that I get, as well as be an easy round the clock point of contact for all customer support.

Don’t worry! You can still get ahold of me. But now, you aren’t limited to store hours and weekdays to receive a response!

Aficionado never sleeps! He is the assistant I’ve always wanted.

My goal is to eventually make him so complete and comprehensive that my customers are in awe of how useful my chatbot is.

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