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Printing Partners Wanted – SouthEast US / Canada

Are you a 3D printing service looking to find something to profit with? Or are you a 3D printing hobbyist that has a really good printer, knows how to maintain their printer, and wants to make some extra money?

Cannagar Tools is looking for printing partners to help fulfill orders. In the US, we need spot coverage during holidays and upticks in business volume.

This means we would forward you the overage when we are running at production limit. You would receiving our overflow during holidays and other times when the owner of Cannagar Tools plans time off. For the US based partner, this would not be full time production work.

In Canada, we are looking for a partner willing to take over Canadian operations – production / shipping, sales optional. First Class to Canada can be slow, and larger orders via Priority Mail can be very expensive to ship. This can discourage some customers from placing orders. Cannagar Tools would like to have a partner based in Canada who can produce our products and ship them, to help us better conquer the Canadian market.

You are also free to promote and drive sales, but that is not expected of you at all.

Requirements :

1) Must have a printer with large enough build volume to fulfill orders. (10 x 10 is a minimum requirement for the print bed size for making our cigar presses, and a minimum of 8 inch build height. Some of our pre roll loaders are 12 x 12 x 10, you would not be expected to process these orders unless your printer can handle it, and they are extremely long print jobs, you can opt out of these if desired)

2) Be willing to treat this as a manufacturing venture whose final item price is lower than typical 3D print services.  This is NOT a 3d print service. This is product manufacturing. If you are attached to pricing items in the realm of standard for printing/prototyping services, we aren’t even in the same universe.

3) Cannagar Tools pro series cigar molds are priced starting at $49, or $99 each, and take 12 and 20 hours to print, respectively. The XL size takes almost 30 hours, and is priced at $129. The tools are made from PLA, Carbon PLA or Hemp PLA, all PLA based, no other plastics allowed.  Bulk pricing drops these prices even more for bulk orders, and the unit price can go as low as $34 each for a 12 hour print.   Cost of materials for processing can be reduced to wholesale rates, wholesale partners exist for our plastic supply, and other supplies will be provided at cost by Cannagar Tools.  Expectation has been set here – this venture will not bring in as much as a generic print service jobs, but we aren’t making prototypes and one-offs. We are fulling small to large orders direct, for individual and business customers worldwide.

The arrangement is rather simple. Payment comes to the Cannagar Tools website, we forward the payment to you, keeping our percentage, and you process the order – print, pack, and ship it.

The start up cost is around $500 – which secures your start up plastics and some accessories required for fulfilling orders. A certain standard must be maintained for output & quality control, product presentation, and kit accessories are needed to fulfill orders.  Accessories for processing orders include white shipping boxes + cigar cutters + rolling mats + dab sticks, foam brushes (all the accessories seen in the starter kits and on the craft tools page)

If you are interested, please reach out through the contact portal of this website, and Ill get back to you asap so we can discuss details.

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