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Pro Series & Custom Shop : Made to Order

ALL Pro Series tools – Stackable Cannagar Presses, and Pre Roll Loaders – are Made To Order.

When you order Pro Series tools, your order is placed into a production queue and is processed as soon as possible.  Most Pro Series orders will ship within 10-15 business days.  Your order may actually process and ship much faster, especially if it is a small order.  It all depends on the size of your order, and how many orders are ahead of yours in the production queue at the time.   All Pro Series tools are Made to Order because Cannagar Tools offers a wide range of sizes and options, which means hundreds of possible configurations.

The production floor has increased in size and there is a 1000 sq ft room full of production machines now, so even though business volume has increased greatly since this business was opened in 2017, production times remain fairly fast for what is offered.

Cannagar Tools cannot give an exact date if you reach out and ask for your Pro Series order ship date.  Sometimes production is ahead of schedule and your order will ship sooner than expected.  Sometimes errors in production happen and a unit does not pass quality inspection.  Any unit that does not pass a quality check is re-made, and this can add to the processing time.   10-15 Business Days is the stated turnaround time for Pro Series orders, the only exception is the Clearance Rack – where B stock, old stock, and exchange returned units are ready to ship immediately.

Custom Shop orders take up to 6 weeks to design, process and ship.   For Custom Shop orders, 6 weeks is now the turnaround time quote on every Custom Shop order.    Your order may ship sooner, but if you place a custom shop order and ask when it will be ready, 6 weeks will be the stated time, unless the order is very large or complex.   Larger and more complex orders may take longer.

Heads up – the two months leading up to New Years, and the two months leading up to April 20th are the busiest times of the year at Cannagar Tools.   If you wish to receive your tools in time to make your products for those events, it is highly recommended to place your orders as early as possible.    Ordering your tools two weeks before New Years will not give you enough time to be ready, and the same is true for 4/20.

Enjoy Making Cannagars!

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