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Pro Tip – How to Offer Free Shipping

Cannagar Tools started offering free shipping this year on all orders over $100. Without a particular shipping service, this new level of service couldn’t be offered.

Cannagar Tools is not paid to recommend this service but it has been so good for this business that I want to pass it along for others who want to ship heavy items for less than the standard rates.

Whats my secret? Pirate Ship.

This service doesn’t save much on First Class or Priority Mail packages less than 3 lbs, but when you start going over 3 lbs, the savings is huge. It turns out – most of my orders which exceed $100, also exceed 3 lbs, so it works perfectly for Cannagar Tools. Average savings for heavy priority mail items is over 20-30% off the normal post office rates. A package that would cost $14 going across the country is more like $9-10 with Pirate Ship.

It’s better than Ship Station, better than Shipping Easy, all the other shipping services cost a monthly rate on top of their savings. Pirate ship does not. No membership cost, no monthly dues, and when you call for support – they speak in pirate slang and dont break character.

All in all, a very quirky and excellent service that I hope is available for many years to come. Highly recommended!

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