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Quick Leaf Cures

Four test curing environments for leaves :

1) glass jar curing

2) hemp book curing

2) humidor curing

3) glass jar / humidor

* Glass jar curing was my first tested method.   It seemed the most direct way to cure, the same as the buds.   Plant decomposition begins, sugars  breakdown over a few days, and the leaf goes limp without the leaf loosing moisture too quickly.   The end result is a soft and totally malleable leaf.    The leaves are wrapped on the cigar flower blank, placed into a mold, and allowed to cure with the cigar itself as cannabis oil seeps into the leaves from underneath.      

The only thing about this method, there is a very small window of time in which the leaves can be used.    Once they dry out, they are useless.   I have prolonged glass jar process for several weeks with refrigeration.  After initial harvest, refrigeration at a 36 degree temp keep the leaves in tact for quite some time without breakdown.   In the fridge, the breakdown is slowed considerably.  My latest test leaves are almost 7 weeks old, still looking great, without many signs of decomposition.  They eventually need to come out, and be placed at room temperature (75 degrees or so), and allowed to soften a bit, then used.

*  Unbleached hemp books : place leaves into books and close them, which flattens them and dries them out.   This was an experiment, but unfortunately the end result is too brittle.   I re-tested wrapping in bags with humidity pouches, but this still produced leaves that were too brittle.   The pages absorb too much.

* Humidor leaf curing is perfect.  The leaves loose moisture, but do not break down as fast, they become leathery, and less brittle – you can roll them and twist them to a high degree without tearing.   The serrated edges have an unfortunate tendency to curl up, so pressure must be applied to keep them flat.   I have been using maple blocks.  Scaling up, I will likely select similar, or even hemp plastics.


*  Glass Jars followed by humidor is a bit redundant.    They can actually go straight into the humidor.    I find that I obtain best results when keeping leaves flattened between wooden planks or similar, while in the humidor.   

Cedar humidors don’t effect leaves the same way they effect buds.   Fresh buds will be ruined in a traditional cedar wood humidor.   They start to taste like wood!!!     Beware.   



  • August 4, 2019 at 11:49 AM

    Updated info : I now use unbleached blank hemp books for leaf curing at home, and recommend them in consulting. You can easily combine these with a humidor, or humidity controlled bin or room, and achieve excellent results.

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