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Cannagar Makers Group 2.0 Update

Just fixed the broken link on the Cannagar Makers group menu link.

Heads up. We had a THRIVING Facebook group last year, then facebook killed it. I created a second group, but admittedly have not been as active. Having almost 2k members, then getting whacked, was a big blow to the momentum of the group.

The facebook group 2.0 is here :

I have created a Zion Community as well, if you are into crypto + social. Search for Cannagar, you’ll find it. I made the first two Cannagar groups.

I am looking for other social platforms that are friendlier to cannabis companies. I’ve found a few, but they are in their infancy so I haven’t really migrated. Time will tell which groups take off.

Do you have a preferred social platform? Feel free to comment below and let me know! Open to exploring options.

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Fighting Inflation

You might have noticed, Cannagar Tools prices have remained the same even though almost all prices everywhere are shooting up! I have been creative this year in finding ways to reduce peripheral costs, and keep the price of the tools the same.

3D printing plastic supply costs are 1.5x-2x higher.
Cost of all packing/shipping materials is 2x higher
Cost of all accessories has risen sharply as well.

1) Instead of buying fancy white boxes for shipping, I have started re-using 3D printing filament boxes.
2) I removed the printed user manuals and provide a link to the documentation online.
3) Instead of buying branded accessories, I have opted to bulk order non branded items.
4) Later this year, all sales will be moving to online platforms Ebay and Etsy, reducing the costs of having to maintain a website and my own merchant account.

Prices continue to rise. If inflation continues, I will have no choice but to raise prices, as I have done everything I can to avoid it. Holding the line, until the next major plastic cost increase. Heads up.

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Cured Fan Leaves!

Discount cured fan leaves from this years development in mass scaling are now available in the Craft Supplies section!

They ship in resealable plastic bags, in used cigar boxes, with a boveda to keep them moist and prevent damage in shipping.

Limited quantities available. Please be aware : these are not perfect. Lots of learning happened this year, and I am selling this years batch at a discount because there are imperfections in consistency. Still smoke very well!

Once you receive them, you will need to monitor the boveda and make sure they stay hydrated. They become very brittle if allowed to completely dry out, and can only be used for wrapping when well hydrated!

Cigar boxes have no size consistency – we have grouped this product into Small and Large boxes, but this is only a rough estimate. Small boxes will contain about 100 fan blades. Large boxes will contain 200+ . Some leaves will contain imperfections, and not all leaves will be consistent.

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Shipping Policy Update

Starting this month, the courier for our outgoing packages will be selected according to the best option for your location.

Up until now, the US post office was handling 100% of our packages. Going forward, shipping will take place via USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, OR DHL, depending on your location.

The option will not be available in the shopping cart for you to select, courier will be automatically selected based on location, and best pricing. Most domestic shipments in the USA will still go through USPS.

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Rewards Ending in 2022

Use Your Rewards Before the Program Ends!

Starting in June in 2022, Cannagar Tools will be switching to Ebay and Etsy for sales.

This website will remain online, but will no longer accept orders for tools directly and will exist to showcase products, offer documentation, and sell digital items like 3D printable tools.

This also means the rewards program will be ending, and all points accumulated will be lost if not used by June 1st 2022. There is no rewards capability inside of eBay or Etsy, but Cannagar Tools will offer bulk discounts and seasonal promotions, as always.

The cost of nearly every supply has risen in the past year. Shipping supplies, accessories, plastic, everything.

Maintaining this website would soon require a webmaster or hiring an assistant, which – on top of higher supply costs – would require raising prices significantly.

Rather than do this, it has been decided that using already existing sales platforms will take away all of the development / troubleshooting that arises in maintaining an ecommerce website.

This will allow Cannagar Tools to move forward with minimal impact to price and performance.

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Pre Roll Loaders in 3D Printable Format!

After receiving numerous requests, the Pre Roll Loaders are now available in 3D printable format!

Print your own Pre Roll Loaders, and scale them to alternate sizes if desired! *

Recommended to use TPU or Flexible PLA printing plastics – these models create heavy items – when created with normal rigid plastics – can crack if dropped due to their own weight. You will be glad you printed them in a soft plastic if that is compatible with your 3D printer.

All Cannagar Tools Pre Roll Loaders are printed using Paramount 3D’s Flexible PLA. Very easy to use, less difficulty than TPU.

Please be advised : some of these models require fairly large print volume, and also require an attention to detail on the printing settings which are different and unique to each printer. **

*Scaling 3d models requires your own 3D printing software that can read and manipulate STL files.

**3D printing requires the use of a software slicer to prepare your models for printing on your unique printer.

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Order Now to Avoid Delays!

We are already feeling it. The postal service is LAGGING. And holidays are coming up, orders are starting to come in faster, the rush is beginning. This time around shipping is likely going to be delayed – so getting your orders in as soon as possible cant be recommended enough!

Unexpected delays in all destinations, airlines are cancelling flights – but this also means air cargo is moving much slower, as well as ground cargo.

This means the sooner you place your order, the more likely you get it in time to have retail product on the shelf in time for the holidays.

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Raw Leaf Available!

Cannagar Tools has partnered with a local Washington State hemp farm that uses zero pesticides. Fresh raw leaves are now available to ship! 1 Once, 1 lb, or 5lb bags.

Leaves are harvested once a week, all orders received will be shipped on the same day after the leaves are harvested. Available seasonally, in limited quantities, for a limited time. Get em while we have em!

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Leaf Curing Processes Update

A lot has changed since 2016. I’ve taught a few methods to cure leaves over the past few years, and seen people trying many things. Everything from ethanol wash to freezing them.

The curing method I am rolling forward with is now solidified. It will be the only thing I teach going forward.

Method : introduce heat, 140 degrees to 165, for 7-10 days. The longer, the browner the results. This denatures the proteins in the leaf, the chlorophyll taste is defeated in relatively short time, and its ready for long term storage and use within 2-4 weeks.

I am using vacuum sealed bags, and at home I prefer to use a sous vide cooker and let it run for 10 days with the vacuum pouch of leaves submerged. In production, if you have the power and space, ovens work just fine. Spaced rack ovens with racks of vacuum sealed leaf bags.

After 10 days, the color turns spinachy olive green, there is a funky smell to it, and its ready to remove, and place into permanent storage. Right now, this is going to be stacked cardboard. Perfect breathability, weight heavy enough to flatten, almost perfect for the job. Humidified rooms would be ideal as well.

I will be making a video series describing the process soon. Im documenting it.

I intend to process a giant batch of leaves once a year in the fall, and make them available on the website. I have a terrific organic outdoor grow that is pesticide free that is supplying the leaves for me. They use tree frogs, lady bugs, many things, but they don’t use sprays. Which is rare, and utterly perfect for my wrapper leaf needs.

This year, only cured leaves will be available. Next year, if I can arrange it, I will provide bulk raw leaf (for YOU to cure), as well as pre cured leaf.

I wanted to undercut everyone currently offering pre cured leaf, but the reality has sunk in. Curing leaves is WAY more work than curing buds. Not even comparable. Much more labor, and electricity. And, a perfect pristine large fan blade is more rare that you might think. So, there is no way around charging a premium price for these pre-cured leaves. The process requires washing the leaves, drying them, putting them into vacuum bags, heating them for a week or more, taking them out, peeling them apart, placing them into cardboard stacks, and waiting for a few weeks. Lots of labor and love.

As a result, I would like to offer both bulk raw pesticide free leaf, at much lower rates, as well as premium pre-cured leaves.

After harvesting about 1000 lbs of raw leaf, I expect to get about 30-50 lbs of cured dry leaves.

This will be a once-a-year stock event. Once I sell out, it’s gone until next harvest. Pricing will be posted when the leaves are ready to ship.

Fun times on the horizon.