If you wish to return a product, you may return it within 30-DAYS for full refund or exchange.    Only UNUSED products can be returned.  

Damaged or defective products are covered under the 1 Year Limited Warranty.  

If you wish to make a return or exchange, Contact Customer Support.

ChargeBack / Credit Card Dispute Policy : If you are unhappy with a purchase and need assistance or wish to return an item, Cannagar Tools is very accommodating to customers.   I aim to make happy customers.  However, I wont tolerate chargebacks / credit card disputes that occur without reaching out first.  If you ever initiate a charge back without first reaching out to the customer support portal and giving me the chance to correct the problem or issue a refund, you will be banned from the store for life.

Cryptocurrency Refund Policy : All payments received in cryptocurrency are refunded in the original cryptocurrency paid.  HOWEVER – Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency value, all purchases made with crypto will be refunded according to the US DOLLAR VALUE of the tools as priced on the website.   NO EXCEPTIONS.  This is to protect Cannagar Tools.  This means that your refund crypto amount will NOT match your original crypto payment amount.  Example : If 1 Litecoin is worth $150 today, and you place a $150 order for tools paying with Litecoin, then Litecoin shoots up to $200 and you ask for a refund, your refund will be $150 USD (the USD price of the tools), which would be .75 Litecoin.