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Rewards Ending in 2022

Use Your Rewards Before the Program Ends!

Starting in June in 2022, Cannagar Tools will be switching to Ebay and Etsy for sales.

This website will remain online, but will no longer accept orders for tools directly and will exist to showcase products, offer documentation, and sell digital items like 3D printable tools.

This also means the rewards program will be ending, and all points accumulated will be lost if not used by June 1st 2022. There is no rewards capability inside of eBay or Etsy, but Cannagar Tools will offer bulk discounts and seasonal promotions, as always.

The cost of nearly every supply has risen in the past year. Shipping supplies, accessories, plastic, everything.

Maintaining this website would soon require a webmaster or hiring an assistant, which – on top of higher supply costs – would require raising prices significantly.

Rather than do this, it has been decided that using already existing sales platforms will take away all of the development / troubleshooting that arises in maintaining an ecommerce website.

This will allow Cannagar Tools to move forward with minimal impact to price and performance.

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