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Rosin Substitute Test Fail

Reposted from El Cannatorcedor Blog / March 2016


In the quest to find a sealer that will substitute for Rosin, my first attempt, and likely my last, was a failure.   Agar agar is not very workable for cannabis leaves.   Cured tobacco, I’ve read it works with that.   For cannabis, it doesn’t hold the leaves well, and only works well for an end-cap seal, or possibly to seal leaves to other leaves, but not to the underlying bud.  Must use it quickly before it becomes gummy.   No bueno.

My only reason for trying to find a substitute – I need copious amounts of Rosin oil, but I barely have enough plant material to practice with, and squeezing flower 1 gram at a time, will take hours to get enough oil for a single corona sized cigar.

I need better equipment to scale this up a bit.   No more substitutes.   Need to test other ways of processing to get more rosin.   And off I go…..

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