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Spring Product Update : Stacks and Half Stacks

An update to the Pro Series tools is underway. Based on customer feedback, there are three major changes coming.

1) Mold lengths will now be 5″. The most common request by far, people want 5 inch molds. So it will be.

2) Recessed Hex Bolts – hexagonal cut outs will hold the head of the bolt in place, no more need to hold it in place to tighten.

3) All other mold lengths will now be a custom shop order. All tools will be changing to a 5 inch mold length. This will be the standard configuration. XL (6 inches or longer), or any other desired length, will now be a custom order only.

It takes a while to update all available shapes and gauges. This update will be taking place over the next two months.

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