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State of the Hemp Union

Unfortunately, Hemp PLA is once again out of stock, and this time it seems for a longer period.   The latest batch didn’t clear quality control at 3D Fuels  production facility, and problems with hemp have been an ongoing thing for almost 2 years.

When I first started – my very first big order was stack of 10 hemp presses, and I couldn’t deliver.   I had to deliver a standard PLA set, then replace when hemp was workable again.    When HPLA works, its great – one of my favorite plastics in form, texture, and overall quality.   When it doesn’t work, it slows everything down.   Then when you add to the mix the new difficulty in transporting raw bulk hemp which introduce delays, so many factors collude to make this harder to deliver than other forms of plastic for 3D printing.

The latest batch had what I thought were quite beautiful stripes in it – but it turns out this was part of the problem they were experiencing – inconsistencies in the compositing of the hemp particulate.    This was the cause of the unusual striping.   Ive tested the tools, no impact on use or durability. .   The company who makes the plastic has decided to pull sales of Hemp PLA down for a while while they eliminate their production problems.

Due to these ongoing issues, I have changed the status of all hemp Pro Series tools to “Out of Stock”.   I used to accept backorders on HPLA, but its looking that that is not a good idea this time around.    Thank you for understanding!

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