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State of the Union

No, I am not going to talk about Trump, Russia, or Sean Spicer hiding in the bushes, or the french election.    

This last year has seen a lot of changes for Bisseurs and it’s membership.    Product development has seen numerous revisions to method – some old posts  no longer reflect my process.    I have tagged these posts as “deprecated”.  

Shanon and Nina are setting roots in Colorado to make a stake in the cannabis game there.

Marcus is launching a hemp-based beard care company with a focus on charity and brotherhood for servicemen and families, and I am assisting with whatever is needed.

Shaun is embarking on a worldwide effort to combat human trafficking and has founded his own media company which will present his work and travels to the world.   

The Cannabisseurs took a backseat to my first commercial contract and their brand, here in Washington.   What we want to accomplish with our brand is going to be hard to lift off here in WA, but I am still working to make it happen and I am all the more ready after 6 months of commercial production.  

I have been able to refine my methods based on client request and customer feedback.   As a consulting service, I work with our producer partner to deliver their requests.  This has allowed for experimentation on a larger scale than I was previously able to execute.  

We’ve gone from rosin to clear, clear to hash melt, hash back to clear, some batches with both.  

We’ve changed our leaf wrapping pattern so that it is more symmetrical and beautiful – flattened leaf veins making a spiral around the body.

We’ve gone from large traditional cigar sizes to small “green & mild” sized cigars, with hemp tips.

We’ve gone from light green leaves to very dark green.   

//  Client likes really dark cigars – the look is attractive.   Problem : the darker, the more chlorophyl.   It has taken numerous experiments to find methods that leach a percent of chlorophyl, condition the leaves, while keeping them very dark, and maintaining a smooth unintrusive flavor.   

Cannagar Tools, a company that I launched only two months before I obtained a cigar contract, was pulled down, and is currently being re-branded and reworked.   Re-launching with a focus on hemp based tools for use in production and at home, and custom gift/retail items.   My industrial cigar tools will be reserved for our consulting services for a period of time. 

Cool new things coming this year.    

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