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Stolen packages and a new shipping option

As of May 18th 2020 – the shipping policy is changing. Cannagar Tools will NOT replace stolen packages more than once. This means if you have a package stolen (tracking shows your order was delivered, but you cannot find it anywhere), Cannagar Tools will replace an order only once. Cannagar Tools will not replace stolen package orders from the same address or the same customer, more than once.

For the last three years, I have been resolving this problem when it happened by shipping a replacement. That is changing. If any package is missing and tracking does NOT show it was delivered – lost in the mail – the standard policy is to replace it. That policy remains the same.

However, stolen packages are different – a claim cannot be filed with the post office to cover the missing item, and this type of thing is unfortunately becoming more common.

As a result, there is a new shipping option available. “Hold for Pickup”. This option is available for both First Class and Priority Mail options. If you are having issues with stolen packages, you need to select this option when checking out. This will ensure that your local post office holds the package for you, instead of putting it on your porch. You should also check with neighbors when this happens, mis-deliveries to neighbors are also something I have seen before.

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