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Swelling of the wooden molds

Reposted from El Cannatorcedor Blog / Feb 2016


So far, I had tested only single cannagars as a proof of concept before purchasing full size molds.   Worked perfectly.   Now I am testing 5 cigars in simultaneous cure – the wood has swollen a bit due to the moisture from the wet buds being sapped into the maple.   This will need to be addressed.   I am using clamps to hold the planks tighter than the bolts alone.  

I need to provide more breathability to the cigar channels, perhaps by revising the design to include holes escaping from the backside large enough for my skewers to pass through.  This should create a better wick for moisture to run up the skewers as well.   If this does not suffice, I will place strips of parchment paper in the recesses to prevent the maple wood from taking on too much excess moisture.  

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