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Testing concentrates as glues

Reposted from El Cannatorcedor Blog / May 2016


I have been testing different types of concentrate.   Today I brought home some ultra clear oil.   Steam processed, ultra refined – this is very expensive concentrate retail, upwards of $60 per gram.   Not realistic for actual use in cigars, but I wanted to test anyway knowing that soon will be cheaper to produce.   Before I attempted to apply leaves I determined it is not at all usable for cigars – not enough stickiness.   Very pure – 80% THC.   Too strong for my tastes as well, and way too strong for use in cigars.   No flavor either.   That may be useful

Rosin is a thicker oil, containing many plant oils and rich in terpenes.   It has the consistency of caramel and dries into a hash like consistency.   While this is not the easiest to work with, it is the most reliable and sets like glue over time.   For now, I will continue with my hot plate and no stick mat.   Eventually, I will design something more efficient…..

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