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Testing, Testing

The biggest delay in launching these new tools comes from the fact that I do not have enough cannabis to make cigars, and won’t have any more testing material for a month or so  (Sad Trumpets)   

Before I launch the toolset, I am going to make an instructional video, as well as continued testing of each type of plastic with core-shaping and finishing.  I will be making many cigars and testing before I launch.  

I have noticed that some colors of plastic actually have a different texture, and some of these might stick to cannabis trichomes more than others.   No Beuno.    This would mean that some colors may not be offered simply because the plastic isn’t suited for the job and would be difficult to remove a shaped flower-core without damage.    

On another note, I have been collecting leaves for 3 months, and I have enough leaves stored to roll many cigars.    

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