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The End of 10 Mold Stacks

After much consideration I have decided that the 10 mold stack is being discontinued as of this week. I have good reasons for this.

1) The larger stack units take lots of time to produce, and if they fail in production or do not pass inspection, that time is lost. This increases fulfillment times all around for every other product I make.

2) Two Half Stacks can be produced on two separate machines, in half the time. Two Half Stacks will produce the same amount of cannagars as one Full Stack.   (Half Stacks have up to 5 molds, Full Stacks had up to 10 molds). I will adjust pricing so that the cost of ordering two half stacks will be the exact same as ordering a full stack used to be. This way, you can hit the same production targets for the same low price, and I can ship orders faster.

3) I will be re-naming the Half Stack. Because there are no longer two different options, it makes sense drop the name “Half Stacks”, and just call them “Stacks”.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out through the customer support portal. Any existing orders for old full stack designs will be honored, but NO NEW orders for full stacks will be created going forward.

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