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Toke of the Town

Reposted from El Cannatorcedor Blog / May 2016

My dad flew into town for a visit last weekend and we headed out to the west side of Washington.   Saturday night we dove into a bar on the waterfront in Port Angeles to enjoy a micro brew and a cannagar.  I believe in maintaining etiquette and being considerate of non-smokers.  I have no interest in blowing smoke in the faces of those who do not enjoy.  So, we did what courteous smokers should do; we looked for the smoking area outside.   We found it, sparked it, enjoyed a great half hour of green stogie, and a light lager.  We were the only ones outside on the patio, no other seats filled.   It was about 11 PM.  It was a quiet cool night.  Small port town, the smell of the ocean, and of course, fine dank.

People entering and leaving the bar would walk by and smile and make comments.  One couple spoke of how good it smelled as they approached, then they noticed us and asked where they could get some.  We told them there were a few stores around and they were easy to spot, only a few streets in town.

We visited a few rec shops too.   My dad wanted to experience one, and I always make a point to shamelessly self-promote my cannagars.  I ask if they have any cannagars. Most places do not, and I have to explain what they are to many people.  Many have not heard of them.   Those who know of them, wish they had someone making them.   I have encountered mostly blunt wrap cigars, or banana leaf wrap, or even olive leaf wrap.  Not quite sure why these producers have chosen such leaves.   I haven’t tried one – it honestly just doesn’t sound too good.  I will try one soon, just to test what they have going on.   I will report on that here.    I leave my card with every store at least once.  Planting seeds of future opportunity.   

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