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Need a loader for a non-standard wrapper/shell? Cannagar Tools has you covered! Built to spec for any wraps/shells on the market.

Reach out through the Customer Support Chat Pod and inquire today!

Build Specs :

Black PLA
Available in 25 or 50 slot configurations

Loaders made for cylindrical wrappers will have cylindrical slots, with a removable top for removing the shells.

Loaders made for cones have a removable bottom.   This is so that you can place the tool on a counter and push up on the tips, forcing the cones to rise up for easy removal.

Due to all the possible configurations and sizes, no price is given here. That will be quoted directly based on plastic volume and production time for the unit. Please reach out through the chat pod on the corner of the window and include your email address. Samples for the wraps you use are needed to estimate cost of the tool. If the wraps you are using are not available in smoke shops, you will need to send a handful of samples so that your custom tool can be sized properly.

All tools are Made in the USA using FDM 3D printing processes using plant based sustainable plastics!

Additional information

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in