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The these cigar shaped mold plugs, you can mold your own wrapper shells!   Available in any gauge.

6 Inch length.

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ!!!!   If you want to make your own wrapper shells and load them with our cannagar presses, or with a PreRoll Loader, you will need to select a smaller gauge Wrapper Mold than the gauge size of your tool.     Why?   The gauges of the Wrapper Molds are exactly identical to the gauge size of the molds, and therefore a shell made with a 32 gauge wrapper mold WILL NOT fit down into a 32 Gauge Cannagar Mold, or a Custom Pre Roll Loader with 32 Gauge slots.    Think about it.   Exact same size = doesn’t fit.   It will literally be the same size.   To fit INTO something, the size needs to be slightly different.      

Another Example : if you are using a 32 gauge Cannagar Press or 32 gauge Custom PreRoll Loader, and making wrappers with thin paper, like High Hemps, Juicy Jays, or similar, you would need to use a 30 gauge Wrapper Mold, so that finished wrapper shell will fit inside 32 gauge mold slots for easy loading. If you are making leaf based wrappers or other thicker concepts, you will need to research on your own and test sizes to determine what size wrapper mold you need.   R&D will be needed.

If you are packing solid core cannagars with your Cannagar Press and want to slide those solid cores into your finished wrapper shells, your shells need to be slightly LARGER than the finished solid flower core.   That means you would need wrapper molds that are slightly LARGER than your Cannagar Mold.  

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