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V2 Pre Roll Loader! Pre Orders Open!

New and improved!    Made of a thick sturdy impact resistant Flex PLA, built to last a lifetime!

You can drop this loader on a concrete floor and it will only bounce.   Highly resistant to accidental damage.

The previous version was made of a hard PLA and was prone to cracking if dropped on a hard surface  due to its own immense weight and the plastic being completely rigid.   This update solves that problem.   And, its being made in our new store colors.   Gray and fluorescent green!

Each unit includes a gray body, with fluorescent green base.

Available in 25 and 50 slot configurations!    (100 slot configurations available again in the custom shop!)

First being released for cones, then being released for King Palms shortly after.

Update for King Palm loaders : due to popular request in the custom shop, King Palm loaders have been redesigned.   Now they include a removable bottom, no more removable top.   They will function exactly as the cone loaders.   You will be able to push the king palms out of the bottom, instead of having to pluck them out of the top, making it easier and saving a little time when removing them from the loader.

The V2  pre roll loaders are in development and will start shipping at the end of this month.

Order yours now!   Before the 4/20 rush starts!

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