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What is an End-Cap Cutter?

And for that matter, what is an end-cap?

An End-Cap is a yarmulke-looking circular piece of leaf at the mouth-end of a traditional RoundCap shape cigar.    If you buy a stogie from the local store – take a closer look at the mouth end.   There is a circular piece of leaf on it.    Why did they do this?    If you try to twist, or mold a larger piece of wrap/leaf, etc – around the rounded end, you will get creases, sometimes a little of what I call “trash bagging”.    With a circular patch on the end there is less creasing and a neater looking end.

I use end-cap cutters primarily for hemp wrappers.   I used to use them on leaves, but have since changed my method.   So, feel free to experiment in using them for leaves, but I really added them to the store with hemp wrappers and other wrappers in mind.

“End Cap Cutter” – I have merely re-named what would otherwise be known as a common craft circle punch, so it would be easy to know what I added them for.   When I started, I was using a cheap circle punch I bought from Walmart, but those kind of children’s circle punches wear out quickly.   They weren’t good enough.  They become dull and make rough edges.

So, I found more adult versions made of better metals.    They are made by The Punch Bunch.

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