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FORM-FACTOR PERFECT cannabis cigars and blunts! Blending tools and methods from the traditional cigar world with cannabis, the result is a consistent & reliable cigar & blunt making toolset for creating a connoisseur cannabis smoking experience!

PLANT BASED PLASTICS! Manufactured using plastics derived from hemp and other plant-based sources such as corn as soy!

DIGITAL LICENSES! Printing our tools in house can significantly reduce the start up costs of a large cannagar production. Check out our 3D Printing Licenses!


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Blowing Out Old Stock!

To make room for the new
V3 1X1 Personal Cannagar Press, its time to clear the shelves of old stock. The price is being reduced on all Old Stock 1X1s until they are gone.

Note : V2 1X1s are NOT compatible with the Flower Loader.

V2 1X1 Old Stock =
V2 1X1-XL Old Stock =

While supplies last.
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For a year now Cannagar Tools has offered our cannagar presses with Black PLA as an alternative option.

Happy to announce that a consistent reliable source has been found, relationship established, and Cannagar Tools will now offer Carbon PLA instead of Black PLA.

It is smoother, looks cleaner, overall has a better appearance than Black PLA.

Carbon reinforced PLA will be replacing Black PLA for all Home and Pro Cannagar Presses - effective this month.
IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ - The manufacturer of the hemp plastic we use to make our tools is out of stock at the moment due to unforeseen circumstances. We are waiting to receive more Hemp plastic. All Hemp-based tools orders placed before March 2nd will be processed and shipped soon.

Please be advised, if you are ordering in preparation for a 4/20 event, we recommend to select Carbon PLA as your option so that it is guaranteed to ship soon. Hopefully the manufacturer will have everything back in stock soon, but at this time, Cannagar Tools does not have an ETA for hemp plastic stocks.

If you wish to proceed and order Hemp based tools, we will still accept orders. Your order will be fulfilled as soon as our supplies are replenished. Thank you for your patience!

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NEW! 1X1 V3!
RoundCap (Traditional) Cigar Shape.  
What's New :
Deeper Funnels on the face
Thicker Contruction
Now compatible with Flower Loader!

1 Press, 2 molds inside. One mold to pack the flower core, the other slightly larger mold to finish the cannagar after wrapping the core with leaves or a paper wrapper.

4 Inch (102mm) Max Cigar Length
32/36 Gauge
Includes 1 Bud-Driver, 2 Pressure Bands, and Flower Loader.
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1 Press, 5 Pairs of Molds Inside!

Now built using the Pro Series form factor!

All 5 Cannagar Shapes!

RoundCap - 32 / 36 Gauge
FlatCap - 20 / 22 Gauge
Torpedo - 36 / 40 Gauge
Slim Tapered Perfecto - 40 / 44 Gauge
Cannon Barrell Perfecto - 40 / 44 Gauge

4 Inch (102mm) Max Cigar Length

Includes : 32 Gauge RoundCap Bud-Driver, 40 Gauge Slim-Tapered Perfecto BudDriver, Glass-Fill 20 Gauge BudDriver + Nuts/Bolts, and Flower Loader.
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Moving into our 3rd year, we are opening up a wholesale channel!

How does it work?

Home tools and Home Starter Kits are available at wholesale prices for the unit quantities listed on the wholesale page.

Quantities less than what you find listed on the wholesale page are not available at wholesale prices. Quantities above what is listed on the page are not discounted further.

All orders Made to Order.

Visit the Wholesale Page
Limited Edition Personal Cannagar Press

Every item is unique! No two presses will look the same!

Made with a beautiful Silk PLA that is smooth to the touch, whose surface finish gives a beautiful shine.

All Limited Edition 1X1s include a Black BudDriver, Color-Matching Pressure Bands.

These are the first item to be launched with our new V3 form-factor, and will include a matching colored Flower Loader!

Color stripes are randomly created by our manufacturing process. Please note : We cannot control what colors you receive. Every new unit comes out looking different than the last one.

1X1, 1X1-STP, and 1X1-XL!

While supplies last. This Limited Edition ends production May 31st, 2019.
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All parts of the standard Starter Kit are included.

Kits Include Multicolor Dab Tool! 

Available in 1X1, 1X1-STP, 1X1-XL.

While supplies last. This Limited Edition ends production May 31st, 2019.
Select Hardware Color
Mat Color

Countdown until next Limited Edition :

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Out with the old, in with the new!

Lower Price!

Available in two sizes : 24mm, and 18mm
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All 3D printed tools ordered from this website are manufactured in the USA in Washington State.

CANNAGAR TOOLS is a registered trademark. All Rights Reserved.

All tools and custom designed craft accessories are the intellectual property of Cannagar Tools and Cascadia 3D.
All PRO SERIES Tools ship within 5-10 Business Days after the order is received.

HOME SERIES Tools orders will ship within 1-3 Business Days.

CUSTOM SHOP orders may take up to 6 weeks, depending on order complexity and volume. Most small orders ship within 5-10 Business Days.