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Simple Elegance. Blending tools and methods from the traditional cigar world with cannabis, the result is a consistent, reliable, and easy cigar & blunt making toolset for a connoisseur cannabis smoking experience. Using Cannagar Tools you can create form-factor perfect blunts and cigars!

Plant based plastics! Manufactured using plastics derived from hemp and other plant-based sources such as corn as soy!

Specialty Fulfillment / Digital Licenses. 3D print production allows for customization, rapid prototyping, and quick delivery of highly customized tool sets. Printing your own tools in house can significantly reduce the start up costs of a large cigar production. Check out our
3D Printing Licenses!


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Customers can now create an account when checking out, and sign in again to view order updates.
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Apparel and accessories are here!

T Shirts, Sweaters, Hoodies, Coffee Mugs, and more!
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Goal : reduce waste so that the only plastics leaving our facility are shipped products!

1st Phase : Collect and Sort Waste Plastic, throw nothing into the trash or standard city recycle bin. The city only separates it, and landfills it. Complete.

2rd Phase : Switch all filaments to Eco Spool re-usable Spool. No more empty spools going out.

3rd Phase : Purchase equipment to recycle our saved waste plastic into new products

4th Phase : Incinerate all left over unusable waste materials in a manner in accordance with local and federal laws

Countdown until next Limited Edition :

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All 3D printed tools ordered from this website are manufactured in the USA in Washington State.

CANNAGAR TOOLS is a registered trademark. All Rights Reserved. All tools and custom designed craft accessories are the intellectual property of Cannagar Tools.
All PRO SERIES Tools are Made to Order.

Most small orders ship within 5-10 business days after the order is received.

Large orders and custom orders may require more time to fulfill.