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Simple Elegance.
Blending tools and methods from the traditional cigar world with cannabis, the result is a consistent, reliable, and easy home cigar & blunt making toolset for a connoisseur level cannabis smoking experience. Using Cannagar Tools you can create form-factor perfect blunts and cigars!

Go Green for Green Cigars! Produced using plastics derived from hemp and other plant-based sources!

Specialty Fulfillment / Digital Licenses. 3D print production allows for customization, rapid prototyping, and quick delivery of highly customized tool sets. Printing your own tools in house can significantly reduce the start up costs of a large cigar production. Check out our 3D Printing Licenses!


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A soft shade of blue that you find on seaside artwork, old white boats, or a set of scrubs.

After a year of searching, we have finally narrowed our PLA color selection down to a set of unique tones, some exclusive to Cannagar Tools.

Visit the
HOME section to see them all!
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This the the third major update to our profressional toolset. We have been in transition for the past month. The new V3.0 bodies were first released with the Half Stack in August, and now all tools are being updated.

These changes to body design help reduce manufacturing inconstancies to create a cleaner end result.

New Feature : Stacks and Half Stack Cannagar Presses now include an inset rail for using the new V2 Flower Loader while bolted together as a stack. The previous flower loader only worked with one cannagar press at a time, and didn't fit when they were bolted together. This fixes that problem.
Silver & Gold Silk
Limited Edition Personal Cannagar Press

Made with a beautiful PLA that is silky to the touch, whose surface finish gives a beautiful shine.

Available in Silver or Gold.

1X1, 1X1STP, and 1X1L, and MultiPress! While supplies last. This Limited Edition ends production November 31st.
All parts of the standard Starter Kit are included with the Silk Starter Kits.

Available in Gold or Silver.

Gold Kits Include Gold Pro Cutter and Dab Tool.

Silver Kits Include Brushed Stainless Steel Pro Cutter and Dab Tool.

Available in 1X1, 1X1STP, 1X1L, and MultiPress! While supplies last. This Limited Edition ends production November 31st.

"Out of Stock" usually means that one or more of the matching accessories are backordered. You can still complete your purchase, but your order will not ship until all items for the kit are in stock and ready to ship.
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Countdown until next Limited Edition :

All 3D printed tools ordered from this website are manufactured in the USA in Washington State.

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All Industrial Tools are Made to Order.

Most orders ship within 1 week. Large orders and custom orders may require more time to fulfill.

Customers will be notified of any delays in shipping.